World of Skyship

The basic tensions of Skyship’s world can be illustrated by the image above. After the decimation of six of America’s largest cities and the environmental change that occurred as a result, the country has split into three factions, each struggling to interact peacefully with the others:


The Skyship Program was initially set up to ease population control, but after the government was seized by the Unified Party and began lashing out at the rest of the world in response to the bombings that destroyed its cities, a separatist movement emerged. These separatists hijacked the program and launched a new nation above the clouds, known as the Skyship Community (or simply, Skyship). They have forever been at odds with the Unified Party, even after their initial war. The signing of a treaty brought about the International Skyline (the dotted line in the graphic above). Neither Skyship nor Unified Party can cross this invisible boundary without clearance, though it’s almost impossible to police. And now that Pearls have become so valuable, the battle is heating up again…

Important characters who live here:
Jesse Fisher, Avery Wicksen, Eva Rodriguez, Skandar Harris, August Bergman - students at Skyship Academy
Captain Alkine - head honcho onboard the Academy
The Tribunal - acting governmental body of the Skyship Community


In dire straits after unthinkable damage to the country, America’s government was hijacked by the Unified Party, a secretive agency aiming to make the country stronger. Upon Skyship‘s betrayal and the rapidly declining environmental/climate changes, the Unified Party funded the Chosen Cities. Those who could pay–and swore to the party’s allegiance–were invited to relocate to one of fifty available cities, which were then protected from the harsh climate outside by enormous machines called Bio-Nets. Of course, in order to keep such energy-draining and elaborate cities running, the Unified Party needs plenty of Pearl Power. Enter the Pearlhounds, elite operatives trained to locate and retrieve falling Pearls. After all, just one can power a single city for months…

Important characters who live here:
Cassius Stevenson - a young Pearlhound operative
Madame - head of the Chronic Energy Crisis Commission
The President - no one knows his name or whereabouts; he operates anonymously


The Fringes are at odds with the Unified Party by their very nature. The Chosen Cities are the only comfortably habitable places on the Surface. Due to the chemical aftereffects of the bombings, everywhere else is a desert, comprised of rotting Fringe Towns and small, often violent, communities trying to eke out a living. From time to time, bands of Fringers stage attacks on the Chosen Cities, upset at being shut out simply because they couldn’t pay the government’s environmental tax. One upside to living in the Fringes: the majority of Pearls fall here. Because of this, the Fringes often serve as fierce battlefields for Skyship Agents and Pearlhounds, both after the same Pearl. Increasing the tension, some Fringers have been known to trade Pearls with Skyshippers for rations. No self-respecting Fringer would ever trade with the Unified Party.

Important characters who live here:
Fringers - many give our heroes a lot of trouble, but not all are always bad…

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