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Entry 001 Pearls: A celestial energy source, appearing on Earth as glowing green orbs. One Pearl can power a mid-sized Skyship for approximately ten weeks, a Chosen City for eight. Energy is extracted and stabilized via specialized reactors. Origin unknown.

Entry 002 The Unified Party: A union of the country’s three major political parties, forced to work together after the destruction of the Scarlet Bombings. Freed from the usual checks and balances, their motives are suspect.

Entry 003 Skyships: Initially created to ease overpopulation, these vessels now hover in America’s stratosphere and form the Skyship Community. Running on Pearl Power, they can be as small as a multi-level complex (the Academy), or as large as a city (Polaris, Atlas).

Entry 004 The Surface: Split between the Unified Party-controlled Chosen Cities and the harsh landscape of the Fringes, few Skyshippers make the dangerous journey down to the Earth’s surface.

Entry 005 Chosen Cities: After the destruction of the Scarlet Bombings, fifty cities were chosen to be outfitted with protection against the dangerous conditions on the Surface. Densely packed with exiles from all over the country, residents of these cities must pay the expensive Environmental Tax.

Entry 006 The Fringes: Any portion of the country outside of the government’s Chosen Cities. Essentially a desert, the temperature never falls below triple-digit and will often climb into the 120’s (Fahrenheit). It is a lawless wasteland populated by those too poor or dangerous to gain access to the Chosens.

Entry 007 Pearlhounds: Government operatives sent from the Unified Party to collect Pearls that land on the Surface. They are often at odds with Skyship agents. Students are trained from adolescence for this important–and dangerous–job.

Entry 008 Bio-nets: Man-made ozone layers that protect the Chosen Cities from the blazing heat of the Fringes. A series of magnetic connectors forms what looks like an upside-down butterfly net that regulates the temperature and weather patterns of the Chosens, providing comfort and stability for those within.

Entry 009 Skyship Atlas: One of the larger Skyships, and the community’s “capital city.” It is home to the Tribunal, who oversees Skyship government. The ship itself hovers symbolically over the ruins of Washington D.C.

Entry 010 Scarlet Bombings: Named for the red clouds resulting from the strikes that decimated America’s six largest metropolitan areas in the year 2073. The resulting chemicals wreaked havoc on the country’s climate and created the wasteland known as the Fringes. No faction claimed responsibility for the bombings, though a counterstrike on all known terrorist-harboring countries was ordered by the government.

Entry 011 Skyship Academy: Known to outsiders as the Horizon College for Liberal Arts, the ship is in fact a secret training ground for Skyship agents, who are taught the necessary skills to retrieve fallen Pearls and combat Unified Party Pearlhounds.

Entry 012 Com-pads: Streamlined, palm-sized communication devices used by both Skyskip and Unified Party agents. Memo-pads, a larger version of the same technology, are frequently used as well.

Entry 013 Tribunal: The executive head of the Skyship Community, currently filled by Representatives Leone (Dem.), Buchanan (Rep.) and Chandler (Lib.). Controls both day-to-day operations of the community as well as Pearl retrieval and usage.

Entry 014 Heaven’s Rain: A growing religious sect devoted to the worship of Pearls. The largest concentration lives/operates in the Fringes.

Entry 015 International Skyline: The horizontal border between Surface and Skyship Territory. Declared upon the signing of the Hernandez Treaty, this invisible line divides the sky at approximately 25,000 feet. Crossing without clearance is illegal.

Entry 016 Skyship Polaris: One of the larger entertainment ships. Its upper level, mostly casinos and amusement parks, replicates many of the Surface’s most famous landmarks. The Vegas of the skies.

Entry 017 Bunker Ball: A training game utilized by the faculty of Skyship Academy. Students are given belts of small detonators and set against each other in various landscapes. Dodgeball on steroids.

Entry 018 Lookout Park: Comprising the entire top level of Skyship Academy, this domed park is a favorite hangout spot for students and faculty alike.

Entry 019 The Chute: High-speed train system that connects the Chosen Cities on the Surface. Travelers can journey from city to city without ever having to endure the discomfort of the Fringes.

Entry 020 Surface Tan/Stroke: Some Fringers are easily spotted by their darkened, almost blistered skin. This is known as the Surface Tan, caused by day after day exposed to the elements. A progression to Surface Stroke is often deadly.

Entry 021 The Hernandez Treaty: Signed in the aftermath of the war between the Skyships and the Surface, this document prohibits unregistered travel across the International Skyline, effectively creating two sovereign nations from one.

Entry 022 The Lodge: Headquarters of Madame, the Unified Party’s Head of the Chronic Energy Crisis Commission. It’s a training ground for Pearlhounds, and home to Cassius Stevenson, a young trainee with a huge role to play in the coming battle.

Entry 023 Cruiser: The Unified Party’s military ship of choice. It’s described as a black shark fin, slicing through the sky and whatever else gets in its way.

Entry 024 Visitation Day: Skyship Academy has to appear as a normal school, so every semester on Visitation Day, the training sections are cordoned off and a batch of hopeful students are allowed to tour the academic areas. No one on board really enjoys the charade.

Entry 025 Face Freeze: A non-invasive procedure that produces results similar to a facelift without the need for surgery. Many of the Unified Party’s elite, including Madame, are known to indulge regularly.

Entry 026 Cascadians: A group of rebel Fringers that reside in the burnt forests of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. They are known to be violent and unpredictable.

Entry 027 Serenity: A popular black market drug often traded by those on the Surface. Its presence has been outlawed by the Unified Party.

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