Wonder which character you’d be if you lived in the world of SKYSHIP? Take this quick test and find out!

What makes a good “Boy Book”?
Teachers, parents and publishing insiders are always looking for good “boy books” (ie: books that boys will read and enjoy). SKYSHIP ACADEMY: THE PEARL WARS is a book for everyone, but it’s also a bona fide “boy book”. So what makes a good “boy book”? Click over to my guest post on the Pageturners Blog to read my “Boy Book Checklist”.

Meet the Characters through Music!

It’s the SKYSHIP ACADEMY playlist from the future. Have a look at which songs each character would listen to, and learn a little bit about them as well:

JESSE FISHER: fifteen-year-old Skyship Academy trainee ** slacker/klutz deemed all but hopeless by the faculty ** mysterious past may lead to a truth both powerful and dangerous

CASSIUS STEVENSON: fifteen-year-old training with the Unified Party to become a Pearlhound ** the favorite student of head honcho Madame, who considers him an adopted son ** after he comes in contact with Jesse Fisher, something inside him explodes… literally

AVERY WICKSEN: seventeen-year-old post-grad transferred to Skyship Academy several years ago ** works in the ship’s library after failing to attain Pearl agent-status ** known for sneaking around the ship, looking for trouble

SKANDAR HARRIS: fifteen-year-old trainee at the Academy ** easygoing, with a love for training scenarios and battles ** speaks with remnants of a British accent – Jesse calls it a “Skandar accent”

EVA RODRIGUEZ: fifteen-year-old trainee at the Academy ** highly knowledgeable about training expectations and procedures ** very competitive, and definitely more athletic/aggressive than Jesse

#1 Hits From Another Planet

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The Spectacle

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